About me


Hi there! Welcome to “MESSAGE AT THE CROSSROADS”, you might be wondering what is it all about? Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ these are daily messages sent to me via SMS from The United Church of Christ in the Philippines ( UCCP ) central church which is located at the Congregational Crossroads in the heart of Davao City. But there are some messages posted directly from the blogger ( myself).  I made this web so that I can share and spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to whom we owed everything. I know Jesus wants me to do something! He gave me a chance to live for the second time. If I can be compared to a car I am no longer considered brand new. One false move it will end up my life running. But with Christ everything is BRAND NEW that keep us strong in all weathers no mater what it takes. He loves us that He gave His only begotten son. For whosoever believed in Him will not perish but have eternal life! ( John:16)